1. TomB 1 year ago

    This place is the best on-line shop around.
    Ordered 1 oz of the Mercedes Hash (AA), very good, easy smoke, and easy to roll. I would buy this every time. (In fact my wife said so)
    Also ordered a 1/4 oz of Pineapple OG, but it was sold out by time my order was in. The guys sent me some Scooby Snacks instead. GREAT leaf. Real good pick.
    Thanks Canna Whole Salers.

  2. Batar99 1 year ago

    Just got my first order and I could not be happier. Finally a site with great prices, inventory and honesty. I ordered 1 oz of og kush , white rhino and sour diesel. All are good and are the real deal no fake labels. I suffer from constant pain from various injuries and I smoke allot . With this site I will save some cash. Thank you canna wholesalers you will have me as a customer for a long time, I have already recommend this site to a few of my friends. Thanks again.

  3. CheeseHead 1 year ago

    This is the best place hands down. I have ordered from a few different sites and I cannot find the quality I seek at other sites like High Grade Kush Dispensary
    . I have made bigger orders with all these bulk sites and in my opinion they have shit the bed compared to High Grade Kush Dispensary. Orders with some of these other sites have been mediocre at best and I have even had a few scam me or send orders with missing half pounds or do a bait n switch. I can put a sticker on a bag of buds and call it anything I want to LMFAO. I ordered a half ounce of Island Sweet Skunk Caviar and it came leaking in a bit of a mess and within 16.7 mins my email was replied to and my next order I got an extra 2.5 grams of caviar, problem solved with simplicity. The block of Mercedes hash is super neat and highly recommended if you’re thinking about it 🙂 OMG that Death Tuna and Holy Grail Kush is the best bud ever end of discussion. Some buds are like pure cheese. The ounces of shatter have all been excellent. Jar of distillate was the nicest Delta-9 from all the sites I have tried and I just wanted to eat it like Pooh Bear with a honey pot and not share with Tiger because it’s so damn good. I don’t buy grams of concentrates or ounces of buds so trust me when I say High Grade Kush Dispensary is the absolute #1 online dispensary in Canada. Business has always been proper here since day one and I sincerely thank High Grade Kush Dispensary for having standards and no nonsense. You get what you pay for with these products it’s that simple. Proceed to checkout 😉

  4. Tabwae 1 year ago

    Well I order for my first time and got my shipment one day earlier then expected all the way to Timmins ON. I ordered 1/4 pound of OG Kush and yes it was top notch a liitle dry but all nice small buds no big wood. I had asked for a signature on delivery but for some reason it was at my door when I came home this morning. happy to see it there but why no signature required? I’ll be ordering from here again. thank you for the 1gr gift of Lemon Kush nice tasting.

  5. Jade 1 year ago

    Always on time and great product!

  6. Rickmurphy123 1 year ago

    Hi just want to know that I to say dealing with you guys is a pleasure have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.I will be ordering very soon thanks.

  7. Brandi And Chris 1 year ago

    High Grade Kush Dispensary is hands down the most amazing online dispensary I’ve ordered from! Product is always, always, always exactly as it appears online, weighs up basically bang on, has amazing pricing, fast (free) shipping, no tax, very discreet packaging AND, this is the kicker for me – are you ready for this?! I sent in an email accusing these guys of sending me under weight packages and they respended!!! Quickly at that!!! My stoned ass realized quickly that my partner had removed an ounce from the package without me knowing and send an apology, but was so impressed that they responded so quickly and wanted to help fix the situation!!! Excellent customer service, excellent product, excellent pricing, I have no reason to shop anywhere else! Thank you High Grade Kush Dispensary, you guys are amazing!!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  8. Lebigbigt 1 year ago

    Very good customers service !!! Mistake happens and they fixed it promptly

  9. David_wtkns 1 year ago

    Have placed a couple of orders here now the last one was gelato/santa maria /silver haze and sherbet.
    All were good quality only complaint I can say is that they are stingy with their freebies .For a 10 ounce order I only received a 2 gram bag jeez that’s sad .Other places I have ordered have at least sent a half ounce for that size order.Just a thought for the management team here to consider.

  10. Josac_marcotte 1 year ago

    I’ve been using this site for about a year and they’ve been amazing so far. With the one exception in the last order.
    I got this purple Thai and the concentration was supposed to be between 17 and 21 but I do want to bet quarter pound that it’s below 15.
    Sadly this is the first disappointment . The purple Thai seems undercured? It has a pungent Lysol scent. Doesn’t taste very good, has very little effect at all, and continuously goes out. Sometimes the continuously going out is caused by an abundance of resin that’s not the case this time. The buds are very leafy and there are absolutely no crystals visible to the eye.

    Just a heads up to the good people at High Grade Kush Dispensary and the good people purchasing, avoid the purple Thai in my opinion . I think we are just going to try to process it and salvage what we can.

  11. Douglasokhina09 1 year ago

    Amazing service,very satisfied for a first time member. Love it

  12. Misskitty20 1 year ago

    Misskitty20 @icloud.com My package was lost in mail these guys acted in a very Professional Manner and sent me a replacement package in a short period of time so I just wanted people know that they do stand by their word

  13. HerbalT 1 year ago

    Thank You Eli and CannaWholesalers for being so honest fair and helpful, for the products you offer and for the peace of mind ordering from your site gives me. words cannot describe how much I appreciate what you do and the relief from pain your products bring. I have 2 children that come first but with your prices I can afford to take care of the boys and still afford my medicine. If you are reading this please take my word for it…*NO OTHER site will treat you or take care of you like CannaWholesalers!* My wife and I have been lied to and ripped off and cast aside after our money was taken and order not delivered from many other sites…NOT THIS ONE! Thank You and God Bless everyone from CannaWholesalers Please spread the good word to good people This is the ONLY site I trust

  14. Borealman 1 year ago

    I have ordered several times and I’m happy with my last order. Gelato was really good strain as was the Panama red. The Rolex Hash is okay. Did not like the “Colombian Gold” at all though – and I tried the real stuff back in the good old days. Still quite satisfied overall so thanks.

  15. Skubaj 1 year ago

    First time I’ve ever ordered from online – I’ve heard mixed reviews from going online. This place has impressed me my husband big time! Thank you and we’ll be ordering soon again. Bud was great not dry and packaged neatly.

  16. Mlarkin1989 1 year ago

    Excellent service. Ordered an ounce of Mercedes hash and an ounce of Rolex. My first time with High Grade Kush Dispensary. Arrived in three days. The ONLY issue was the Rolex showed up in a million crumbled little pieces. I e-mailed a photo and received an instant reply saying it shouldn’t have happened and got a $50 discount on next order. Everything smokes great and tastes good. Great service as well.

  17. Kerryh 1 year ago

    First order no problems at all.
    Fast delivery to Ontario. Ordered it Tuesday before 11 am got it Thursday. Great product.
    They have a customer in me.

  18. Drewdakai 1 year ago

    Ordered 1/4 lb of lemon haze. Got something that looks completely different from the pictures. Smoke is bad for AAA+ considering thats their 2nd top tier next to AAAA. Would not order again…

  19. Nbb_deuce2003 1 year ago

    Thank you High Grade Kush Dispensary! Never any issues! Great service. Even throws in a little goodie 10/10

  20. Tim.Kannon 1 year ago

    I can’t say all the great things about High Grade Kush Dispensary . I have tried them and they are ok. I ordered an OZ of mercedes and a .5ml vape pen to try instead of smoking. The oz of Hash came in a hundred small pieces stuck together to make up an ounce. Not a huge issue but could’ve saved the small bits for the gram by gram shoppers. If you order a whole ounce it should look somewhat appetising . I like that the vape pen is discrete and can be used anywhere vaping is permitted and nobody knows your medicating. My biggest issue with High Grade Kush Dispensary, they do not stock 1ml vape refills. The 1ml refill is $60 and the .5ml is $40. It’s a no brainer , Right? Go for the 1ml. But they DO NOT stock it so you will have to pay 2x$40 for 1Ml instead of $60…. They will ask you to put your name on a wait list and they will email you when the product is in stock. I’ve been on the wait list well over a month. I emailed Canna, asked the CSA when they will stock and the answer was ” don’t know when but you can go on the wait list” . Not very helpful especially when my email informed them i was already on the wait list. Anyways, Long story short. I give them a 3star rating. Shipping was good, customer service is ok and product is ok. No raving reviews from this customer……

  21. Bignuke 1 year ago


  22. Byronrempel 1 year ago

    have purchased multiple time already and it’s always here within days. Top shelf service. Product exactly as described. Will order often.

  23. [email protected] 1 year ago

    recieved parcel 2 days early and the hash ive bought before and will buy again

  24. HerbalT 1 year ago

    Thank you Derek this is an amazing order the best quality EVERYTHING and the best service bar none. I don’t sleep much due to bad pain and they dropped my order off at roughly 7am. No other site will offer such quality if you are hesitating about ordering anything….have no fear this is the site for you and EVERYONE. Thank you for the extra you put in my order, I am able to give all my family 1 gram of the purple space cookies( which is the best bud i have ever had smell taste and high) everyone needs to buy this weed. I cant thank you enough CannaWholesalers and Derek God Bless

  25. Pharris 1 year ago

    Tried Mercedes and Vancouver Island hash. VI I found a bit harsh and very oily, sometimes a tough burn. Mercedes I found better texture, easier to roll and better taste. Both packed similar medium buzz

  26. HerbalT 1 year ago

    I suffer excruciating pain from a broken neck, back and cracked disks L4, L5, L6 as well as PTSD and use thc to treat my pain. The quality of these products are amazing and offer great relief they really help a lot. I recently ordered again and their was a little confusion in the process and i was dealt with and taken care of by the staff and owner to great satisfaction and very fairly. I am very impressed with and have a great deal of respect for this site and its staff and will order from this site every time my wife and i need medicine in the future and only this site. I have dealt with other sites in the past many and never have i been taken care of so quickly and fairly and in every way just a top notch site,quality,product,service. I highly recommend this site and all its product to anyone and everyone and will be buying for my family and giving them all samples because the quality speaks for itself and the customer service is above and beyond any dispensary in my hometown of Niagara Falls. Thank You for all that took care of me with the best of care and thank you for offering top shelf quality and service.

  27. Mcooke4 1 year ago

    After having a bad experience with another High Grade Kush Dispensary company THIS High Grade Kush Dispensary has renewed my faith and the quality and service are the bar by which others must achieve! Excellent!

  28. Kelletta045 1 year ago

    Have been ordering from you for a while now. Really impressed with the quality and service so far.

  29. Youronestopeshop 1 year ago

    As always 100% perfection Ordered yesterday at noon Est and Purolator was at the door today at 9.30 am Est Under 24 Hours there is a $50.00 charge but there is no MOM online anywhere who can provide the service and high quality bud like Derek and the Dominos do you can order a 1/4 Oz or ten pounds and they still provide the best experience online bar none once again and for the umpteenth time Thank you High Grade Kush Dispensary for being the best and standing behind your Brand

  30. Div 1 year ago

    Strawberry cough kief is excellent nice flavour strong sativa. Does not taste like strawberries but the berry flavour comes through especially when converted to hash

  31. Stouffersheri59 1 year ago

    Very good edibles especially live the cookies. Top notch BC Bud!!

  32. Beaufort06 1 year ago

    very good site for the weed and all the choices I really satifait made 9 months that I orde

  33. 19barracuda69 1 year ago

    Ordered Wednesday morning – received on Friday in rural Ontario. Great folks to deal with! No complaints whatsoever!
    Recommended to others with confidence.

  34. Aoinoikaz 1 year ago

    Arrived today! No empty box LOL

    The Purple Space Cookies, Vanilla Kush and Purple Haze were definitely worth the price paid… however I was a little disappointed with the overall appeal/smell of Bubba Kush, Golden Goat, and Grapefruit (very outdoorsy smell)… Maybe lower prices on those specific strains would be good. Other than that, i’m pleased to know my money was in safe hands. Looking for better bulk options next time!

  35. Aoinoikaz 1 year ago

    Just ordered a half lb of mixed oz’s… So far customer service has been great, just waiting for it to arrive. Hopefully all goes well – will update when it arrives

  36. Donniem123 1 year ago

    This company is the best service i have ever received. This is my order # 6 and everything was amazing the Mercedes hash the purple train wreck all top notch and free sample every time .you guys got a full time customer thanks guys keep up the great work .

  37. Stouffersheri59 1 year ago

    Very fast delivery. Good product. Would definitely recommend this website

  38. Stouffersheri59 1 year ago

    Very fast delivery. Good product. Would definitely recommend

  39. Justmedk 1 year ago

    I remember being hesitant / skeptical with the whole online order thing… and after taking the plunge with High Grade Kush Dispensary, i wanted to kick myself for not having done it sooner. The service and product selection, along with fair pricing is top notch based on my experience so far. I highly ( no pun intended ) , recommed these guys! Again thank you canna for an amazing service, and product, you provide to the community!!!!

  40. Pippo63 1 year ago

    Ordered popcorn buds special, what a great deal definitely would grab again.

  41. Robertjones 1 year ago

    great place to shop with fast shipping ,excellent service,good quality and even got a lil extra.thank you

  42. E_z_fishing 1 year ago

    Received my order yesterday. Prompt shipping with no problem at all. Distillate is amazing, the pot is PREMIUM. Haven’t tried the blueberry hash but will tonight lol. High Grade Kush Dispensary might of found a regular customer. Thank you for everything in my order and I will be ordering again very soon.

  43. Bill_mahaffy 1 year ago

    Very happy here in Northern Ontario with the speedy delivery and more than fair prices.

  44. Pauljhayse 1 year ago

    I can’t believe the great service we get. I’ve recommended this site to everyone and no issues at all. Coast to coast in a few days. Keep up the great work, it’s certainly appreciated from a happy customer. Happy puffing. Paul.

  45. Penance 2 years ago

    This is the only place you need to order from. Top Quality, Fair Prices, & The Most Amazing Standard For Fast Shipping. The only place I’ve ever shopped at that truly will get your order out the door THAT SAME DAY, (if your payment is sent by 11:00AM). I cannot believe the type of BS I used to tolerate with others. I’ve always said that the only downside with ordering online is the wait time, they make this process as fast as it possibly can be. Canna Wholesalers are Top Shelf & have never disappointed me yet. I only wish I would have found this website sooner!

  46. Mikecameron40 2 years ago

    Just got my order. Overnight delivery…how good is that. It’s my 2nd order and again it’s awesome. Will be telling everyone I know that you people are the real deal. Thanks again! Bzzzzzzz

  47. Skarrow57 2 years ago

    Cannawholesalers is amazing!! Amazing service that is speedy and painfree. The products are superb and exactly as shown! To top it all off, pricing can’t be beat in Canada! I’m blown away and we not shop elsewhere.

  48. [email protected] 2 years ago

    Ok so I just received my first order from this company.
    1oz Vancouver hash
    1oz Mercedes Hash
    og kush kief .5oz
    and 4 grams of the master kush shatter.
    Delivery was fast to Toronto in 3 business days. as for quality for the price I paid I am amazed!! And will be shopping with this company on a regular basis.
    I just found my new goto place for my herbal needs. The prices are shocking I wont lie I was a little nervous!!! But was quite pleased and bewildered to find the quality of product was above my expectations.
    Hash was nice and pliable the shatter did the job tasted nice. I am over all very pleased with all their products. everything was honestly presented and I got what was advertised and then some!!!

  49. Windriverdecoy 2 years ago

    So my second order arrived … just like the first … very promptly … only 2 days to ON this time !!! Love the earlier cutoff as it gives them time to process and get things to CP before the end of the day. This makes all the difference in getting something in 2-3 days to ON. Also like the 1g sample … got Obama again but hey, its free and it was OK for AA. The packaging was great; couldn’t smell a thing and didn’t look suspect at all. Contents were well sealed in their zip-lock packs and then again in a vacuum sealed bag all inside a standard cardboard shipping box. They seem to know what they are doing here so I’ll let you know how order #3 goes.

  50. Barryfaulder 2 years ago

    Received my package today sour bubba absolutely amazing !!!

  51. Rirbrad 2 years ago

    Ive orderd the 1/2 lbs and and very pleased with my package it was 2 days early and therr was an extra 2grams of sour bubba i think this is the #1 site to order from because after an amazing ecperience your also given points towarda discounts!

  52. Donniem123 2 years ago

    The Mercedes hash is after turning into top grade got my 1/4 lb today thanks guys awesome service and quality

  53. Donniem123 2 years ago

    Got my order today 1/2 oz of Mercedes hash and 1 oz of purple space cookies all top notch and a free sample of sour budda thanks guys your customer service is top notch and so are your products I’ll definitely be ordering a lot more thanks again Donnie from Newfoundland

  54. Windriverdecoy 2 years ago

    Extremely pleasant surprise … my previous MOM seemed to be going the wrong way on quality vs cost and I was sure that I wasn’t going to find a better place. Lo and behold, the light shines on Cannawholesalers and that light is bright. My first order arrived in ON (rural by the way) in two days – love the early cutoff time to get orders in that same day!!! Everything came as expected and as an added bonus I also received a 2G pack of Obama (nothing to write home about but then again it was FREE). I also liked it that all of the bags were came with a label rather than some impossible to read scribble in permanent ink – much better presentation. Pricing was OK (wish it was a little better) but with the 35% discount it was definitely more palatable. 1st order – fucking awesome. I’ll let you know how my second order turned out shortly …

  55. Glennwayne 2 years ago

    Wow delivery in 2 days impressed with the product and service ill be shoping here for sure ….im very happy with my order and they thru in a bonus bud as well…\thanks to every one at cannawholesalers
    |Thanks again ..came in small box very discreet ..Cheers and thanks

  56. Kjmmtsi 2 years ago

    I order for the first time two weeks ago, was so very impressed with you guys it’s not funny. The package arrived in 2 days,the quality of the product is top notch just as described,the site is super easy to use and the little bonus gifts are a wonderful surprise! Can’t wait to order again!! Thanks Again CannaWholesalers your the Best

  57. Allanrae699 2 years ago

    Hey I was on to new adventures with my new stash. As always easy payment at my door 3 days early haha it impressed the post man also. I spent the weekend in a self induced coma. Death tuna mixed with some platinum GSC. Wow no pain lol but you know alittle bit of purple Space Cookies and purple crack made for a great day in the sun lol. Enjoy. Well done folks keep.up the awesome job.
    Alligator Al R.F.N. Ont. Procrastination Dome

  58. Benmaclean19 2 years ago

    Stop looking at other website’s for weed at lower price’s then this one . It’s #1 in canada hands down , service ,mailing fast cross canada, and they call to fix orders very very professional AWESOME

  59. Sylvaintessier32 2 years ago

    These guys are for real,there product’s are top shelf and so are there prices.What you order is what you get they never disappoint.Five Stars Guaranteed.

  60. Pippo63 2 years ago

    Just received, pac,blueberry headband, banana og and island pinks all fire. They all look like the pictures. This is the only site I trust and use. Excellent service, excellent customer service.

  61. Mikecameron40 2 years ago

    First time ordering. I’ve found my new mom. Awesome products and super fast delivery. 72 hrs from time I placed order to front door…regular post. And I’m on the other side of the country!

  62. Youronestopeshop 2 years ago

    this was my fourth order all in the last month I order Tues 11.30 A.M EST and received the next day 11.45 A,M, EST 24 hours from BC to Ontario these people are on top of things they do not mess around you pay $50.00 Extra for overnight but its well worth it knowing your purchase will arrive quick with no headaches TY High Grade Kush Dispensary for being a stand company who really does know how to provide fast professional service

  63. Shawngingrase 2 years ago

    I am blown away with the excellent customer service and quick responses to any of my questions. This is the second time ordering from you and both orders were processed quickly and shipped out same day. I ordered on the weekend and it was shipped out yesterday at close and I received it this morning in northern Ontario so I’m
    Impressed. Thanks again all The flowers are amazing.

  64. Delagecorey 2 years ago

    Hey got my first order today! Got here in 3 days. got what I ordered and a free Hawaiian haze sample too! Can’t wait to order again.

  65. Crx.B16a 2 years ago

    I tried you guys for the first time 2 weeks ago. I ordered with Bitcoin, processing time was quick, shipped next day, and I received exactly what I ordered in vacuum sealed plain packaging. 10/10 will order again.

  66. Christensen5476 2 years ago

    Roy-3rd order, last time i got it in 24hrs,nice smoke.

  67. Youronestopeshop 2 years ago

    This was my 3rd order this month spent $900.00 and got my order in about 40 hours from High Grade Kush Dispensaryto Ontario everything was as advertised all the weed was great you can trust these people to get you what you ordered quick with no headaches DEAL WITH CONFIDENCE

  68. Bluesitall 2 years ago

    First time buying here,fast shipping,good product,free sample,i will buy again

  69. Ric_mor 2 years ago

    I took a month T-break with barely some reclaim from my rig. I had a few dabs this morning of the 24k Gold and I without any doubt, whatsoever, I can say that it is absolutely the best stuff I have ever tasted. I can’t quite decide if my tongue says marshmellow bananas or circus peanuts. The color is exactly like the picture. It’s so pure it seems to me that it does have the very slightest softening issue. It instantly became my favorite ever and I only wish now that I had purchased more of it. I feel flipping awesome right now! Thanks again CW.

  70. Jtcash52 2 years ago

    Super fast shipping!! First time buying from here. Got the 2 gram assortment deal and everything is perfect. Will be back.

  71. Wfo 2 years ago

    First time Orderer, all went flawless, just ordered again… EASY Peasy, NICE!

  72. DonnieD 2 years ago

    after being scammed by another site for 1063.00– i was leery—but no GD way am i paying govt (jail–lol) prices
    first package from here went MIA….they reshipped and it arrived today, 20 days from placing order–but still happy to get it!!!!!!
    i’ll be back!

  73. Markgeddes1966 2 years ago

    Just sent in my 4th order and there will be more. The product, prices and delivery are the best in my mind.

  74. Coltorosa 2 years ago

    I’ve personally dealt with several mail order companies in this game and I have to say the team at canna wholesalers can’t be beat wether it be product quality, consistency, timely delivery or customer service they are bar none the best!

  75. Youronestopeshop 2 years ago

    Second order same results spent $1000.00 paid for next day got order in 40 hours start to finish everything was as advertised no headaches ill be back

  76. Pippo63 2 years ago

    Just received, king louis v111 and ice cream.
    Both strains are FIRE

  77. Al-Coloc 2 years ago

    crossing those finger until i see if the bag will arrive !

    nothing to do with High Grade Kush Dispensary , i just lost a total of 3200$ of order at some place with pakage not shipping or empty 🙁

    so a bit paranoii since i need those medic

    thx team ! no one will regret having me here !!!

  78. Ramahas 2 years ago

    Love ordering from you guys, products are awesome!

  79. Sirioslee 2 years ago

    I dont think anyone can have anything bad to say about these guys and their great service,
    Im probably a tuff customer for them and no matter what ,they always aim to please and make you happy .
    appreciate you guys , Good job .

  80. Tennis99 2 years ago

    Got the death tuna great stuff 5 star!!!

  81. Rivard96 2 years ago

    Everything about this place is awesome, multiple orders no problems at all besides my recent one. Fault of Canada post leaving my package at my door without knocking or anything. Thank god for friendly neighbors.

  82. Juice84 2 years ago

    Received my first order from you guys a little while back. Was very pleased with the quality, and happy with the sample I received as well. Awesome service, thanks again!

  83. Pippo63 2 years ago

    Ordered Death Tuna total FIRE.

  84. Youronestopeshop 2 years ago

    My first order was for $1500.00 B.C. to ONT in 38 hours all top shelf bud supper support some one is online 24 7 for live chat at a time when i was so worried these people set my mind at ease at got it done no BS in record time they even gave us a little extra treat i will be back

  85. 19barracuda69 2 years ago

    Received my first order from you folks yesterday.
    Great customer service, product and quality.
    I’ll be back. 🙁

  86. 2 years ago


  87. Kmart1977 2 years ago

    Excellent products, amazing and helpful staff and fast shipment. By far the best MOM out there.

    Very fast shipping
    Great product
    Couldn’t ask for better
    Thanks so much Canna Wholesalers!!

  88. Lkings 2 years ago

    I ordered Friday at 2:30 am I received the following day woowwwww which service!!!! i buy the last week 724.99 at cheapweed i receve box empty!! dont buy at cheapweed steal your money

  89. Allanrae699 2 years ago

    Hmm where to start. Iv tried lots of different strains. First of all I’m chronicly I’ll. I used this and chose to reject pills. My interests are what actually show progress in everyday doings. What is odd is the strains go from one extream to another.change is good. Lol. Now my idea on everyday functions range from Blue Dream to Alaskan Thunder Fuck. The potency of the dream doesn’t really measure in numbers but as to the number of sense this strain touches two thumbs up . But there’s days I get more accomplished from ATF. ,PURpLE SPACE COOKIES , BLACK TUNA . lmao and let’s not forget the chill from Grand Dad purple. Along with the kush hy-bred. After ounces upon ounce only once was I let down. White Zombie. Yuk . But my buddy found it great. Go figure.
    …. Alligator Al .Rama First Nations.

  90. Tim Naylor 2 years ago

    Ordered Monday night, arrived Thursday afternoon. I excitedly opened my package and was pleased to see my order, 1 oz. of death tuna which was sticky, smelled like heaven and delicately packs a punch. Boveda packs, so far seems to keep my purchase fresh but also some older pot I had, has completely come back to its original sticky smelly state. Totally impressed with the boveda packs. Thanks High Grade Kush Dispensary I will definitely be purchasing from here again.

  91. Gerlittlejohn 2 years ago

    I have been dealing with this company since Jan 2019 and I find the products are exactly as described …service is excellent …and I have recommended it to my family and friends …I have been shopping for a long time and this company is the best so far …5 stars all the way

  92. Ehtokes91 2 years ago

    USA company, fast shipping and packaged safely.

    great prices and selection. one of the better sites and one of the most simple sites to navigate without clutter, b.s and ADS.

  93. Zx12r 2 years ago

    You can always give the sample packs you get out at Christmas time if you don’t like that particular strain. lol

  94. Zx12r 2 years ago

    I’d like to try that vape pen you’re selling for $60.00 but I’ve got absolutely no idea on everything I need for his & hers plus what to do with it once we get it? When you inhale this product it is rendered in steam, not smoke. Is that correct? Will other products work with this device or only the oil reservoirs?

  95. Dollar_0019 2 years ago

    Updating my thoughts on my 1/2 ounce order of Popcorn nugs below… 2 full ounces Citrus Kush… The ad did say we as the customer’s wouldn’t be able to choose which popcorn nugs we get… but serious… 2 full ounces of Citrus Kush….

  96. Dollar_0019 2 years ago

    Ordered late Friday afternoon, was sent out Monday and arrived Wednesday. I live on the opposite side of Canada from this seller so this was pretty fast… Had it not been for a slight mix up with the post office I would have had it yesterday. This mix up was my fault though, there wasn’t any cars in my driveway so the delivery guy never bothered to stop in yesterday and took it back to the post office.

    That aside, I got 4 bags of popcorn 1/2 ounces. All sealed and AAA strains but I haven’t the slightest clue as to which strains since it didn’t label a name. On a plus note I got about 2 grams of Citrus Kush along with my order. Can’t say I like Citrus Kush but it’s still an excellent treat regardless.

    Will probably order again if they bring this deal back again.

  97. Arkansasdave 2 years ago

    Very fast shipping
    Great customer service
    Great product
    Couldn’t ask for better

  98. Ambercolleen 2 years ago

    Excellent products, amazing and helpful staff and fast shipment. By far the best MOM out there. Thanks so much Canna Wholesalers!!!

  99. Raynes 2 years ago

    as always the best in the land , packaged and on its way all in the same day, your are the maritimes number 1 choice

  100. Myles_guerra97 2 years ago

    Awesome MOM!! Super quick delivery. Delivered across the country in 2 days, even after having to contact me about being out of stock!
    Got the space candy (AAA) and its amazing! Tastes great and the buzz is strong! Weight was good, smell proof discreet packaging and a little treat inside too!
    Will definitely order again!

  101. Cruze2017 2 years ago

    Grizz. I don’t do reviews BUT this company will go far, the service is excellent. Questions get answered and help you. I hope your service all ways stays the same. Looking forward to doing business with you again. Thank you!!

  102. Therealbabadook 2 years ago

    MOM…WOW! These folks are the real deal…across the country in two days…go package pro, no skimps and great product…I used my “guinea pig” longtime favourite chronic couple to test out the Space Candy bomb, (AAA) lit the fuse and they giggled like schoolkids…a decent deal for us to share…will be returning in the near future – stay tuned kids!

  103. [email protected] 2 years ago

    Purple Kush Kief great for sleep may take more than 1 for some! 7of 10 great topper when head hurts

  104. Mc17ly 2 years ago

    Amazing products!! Incredible customer service! Really tend and care to their customers needs! Anytime I have emailed they have been so quick to respond and deal with my issues! Products are ‘take you to the moon without a helmet’ amazing! Never once disappointed and have been ordering consistently for over 6 months! Highly impressed!! Thanks guys for all you do!

  105. [email protected] 2 years ago

    Connesoeur of hash in 70s went back to flower80s on.But I have found myself with a z of Mercedes hash, definate 5 of 10 good daytime ,relieves anxiety calms, still go about your day helps releave pain$4$ great buy Old yorkville flower child

  106. [email protected] 2 years ago

    Senior Flower child,on med pot for years cant afford what is on scrip !Ordered here know I can afford!!Way to go guys PEACE!

  107. Kaskamann 2 years ago

    Seriously nobody is joking when they say this is the best site in Canada period
    Ordered from a few other sites (weedbay,stashclub,quickgreens) was pleased seemed like a nice alternative to buddy
    Tried High Grade Kush Dispensary and now they have a customer for life

  108. Jonathan_spicer_92 2 years ago

    excellent service and very fast shipping thanks

  109. Sirioslee 2 years ago

    These guys have nicely grown herbs ,prices are fair , customer service is fair and friendly .ordering again :-)~”

  110. Pippo63 2 years ago

    Ordered purple space cookies , jet fuel and godfather og. Totally happy with all 3 selections.

  111. Raynes 2 years ago

    straight shooter —-i have bought from very online dispensary , this is definitely the best choice for the stains i like and the speedy delivery , dont be fooled by the rest cause High Grade Kush Dispensary is the best , great strains , very best

  112. Absolutekat1 2 years ago

    First timer, living out in NB and hearing how overpriced the local stores are, I wanted to see what options we have now. I was supre-reluctant to have a package delivered due to persisting social stereotypes and concerns with travel (rumors of credit cards/phones being checked for purchases at US boarder) so I talked to friends about their experiences and heard about the email transfer option High Grade Kush Dispensary uses. I loved seeing that Canada Post was shipping me coffee and the beans were a great touch! I was also blown away with the shipping rates and speed (usually, things take forever to get to me). Plus when I noticed the extra bud, it was one I was considering getting in the first place! How did they know?!?! LOL but really, I am very happy with the service, the ease of transactions and of course the great products. Thank you and Cheers!

  113. Bigbadgreygoose 2 years ago

    I placed my order on Good Friday (19th). High Grade Kush Dispensary processed my payment and put together my order on Easter Sunday (21st). Canada Post picked-it up Easter Monday(22nd) and had my Holy Box at my door on the 25th a.m. I am very please with the processing & delivery times over a long weekend, and from High Grade Kush Dispensary to ON! 🙂

    So what did my Holy Box contain? A nice little mix of different hash: Mercedes, Blueberry, Gold Seal Afghan, Rolex Moroccan and Vancouver Island. Each strain sweeter than the next. Great quality products! For my own experience and preference, Rolex Moroccan stands tall above the other selections, while the Gold Seal Afghan stands last on the list. High Grade Kush Dispensary does list the rating at AA for this afghan hash and now I understand what it means. I will wait for the AAAA version before ordering afghan hash again. All the other strains are a great high.

    This is my first experience with CW and certainly won’t be my last! Great products, great prices that match quality, fast processing and shipping, FREE shipping!…and…ummm…oh yeah! Did I mention FREE SAMPLE of hasberry weed? Man, that weed sure kicks you in the teeth!

    Great work guys! I am a fan!

  114. Btman 2 years ago

    I have been a smoker/user/prescription client for 35+ yrs, travelled to many destinations around the world, and have ‘dealt’ with a lot of ‘interesting’ people and, YES, smoked a lot of different ‘product’. I recently received an order from these guys and I have to say that their ‘Blueberry’ hash ranks up there with some of THE finest hash I’ve ever smoked. It burned nice and clean, and was very smooth and ‘easy’ on the lungs, when smoked through a bottle-toker. I don’t know how it would smoke in a joint, I think that would be a waste of this product ( personal opinion only), so maybe someone who has could review this as well. Excellent product for a very ‘reasonable’ price, and yes there were ‘extras’ included with my order, which was weighed on the heavy side ( thank you) as well. I will definitely be using this site as my first and only site to order from in the future. Keep up the excellent work!

  115. Denis-206 2 years ago

    Je vais vous dire la différence entre eux et les autres. J’en suis seulement a un premier achat sur ce site, mais j’ai commander avant sur plusieurs autres. Pour une fois ce n’est pas mon facteur qui a l’air bête qui arrive dans ma porte,mais un livreur que je ne connais pas. Ensuite je recois une boite carrée avec a l’interieur mes 3 onces en parfaite états, non ecrasées et non colléees a l’emballage. Et un petit échantillonnage toujours bien apprécié. Bref si j’ai encore besoin de weed, je saurai a l’avenir vers qui me tourner. Juste dommage de ne pas vous avoir decouvert avant. En passant pour les grands fumeurs si vous avez l’occasion de gouter Death Bubba, Skunk 47 et Présidential Og vous serez au paradis!

  116. Troymatt 2 years ago

    I have purchased from 4 different MoMs, and High Grade Kush Dispensary is the only place that regularly sends me extra product. Most of the product I received was heavy, and in both orders I was even given a little bonus pack of a random strain. Not a huge thing to a place with pounds of weed, but a huge thing for a customer!!!!
    Box comes done up like it is mail order coffee (right down to a few loose beans in the box). Free shipping is very low too. If ever there is a change in my opinion, hopefully I can post here again to reflect it.

  117. Trudymacdonald56 2 years ago

    This company never ceases to amaze; the product is always first rate and the service is second to none…and free samples, plus by using a coupon, we got a percentage taken off our order!! This is the one and only site we order from.

  118. Edrozzy 2 years ago

    I was skeptical about ordering online cause it was my first time. I gave this site a try, 3 days later, my package was in. They gave me a free sample of blue dream. I was satisfied with I bought, the smoke was good, it stunk the whole place up when I opened my first bag. I’m looking forward to ordering again!

  119. RJM BUSINESS 2 years ago

    High Grade Kush Dispensary is great, easy ordering process, wide selection and competitive prices. Good quality cannabis, and excellent and fast, efficient shipping service.

  120. Andrew.Horvath37 2 years ago

    Just got my 1st order today and extremely impressed, iam mind blowin right now and that’s not just the purple haze taking over, I got my package a day earlier than tracking first predicted , I wont be fooled tho I know my orders take time to get to me as impatient as I can feel after I click pay now, but I also respect a quality done job over ehhhh good enough we gotta go faster! these guy deserve a good pat on the back I got good packaged budd, the budd itself I felt was not justified by website pictures but I tried taking my own pics and they didn’t seem any better lol these guys went above and beyond and threw extra sampler nug in , like really the rumors I read online are true that usually never happens!!! I’ve been lookin for somewhere that treats me right and make me happy to spend my money and i feel this site has taken every step in making that happen and I’ve read very good outcomes for when bad things have happened, thank you guys I will deffenatley be ordering more, Keep up the good job guys

  121. Polsomd 2 years ago

    Excellent product, Excellent price, Excellent service, I would highly recommend.

  122. Klinkerman74 2 years ago

    Lots of good selections , very good quality and fast shipping. Very happy customer Thank you High Grade Kush Dispensary!!!!

  123. Crawl 2 years ago

    Good service, Good Buds, Good times! Thanks High Grade Kush Dispensary!

  124. Smokedgolem27 2 years ago

    Had a issue but the company came good for it and they were quick on response even with me losing my cool great company awesome service

  125. Eli2952 2 years ago

    Amazing site, great prices and great products. Keep up the good work

  126. Iaustin 2 years ago

    This site is more than awesome –
    From the quick shipping right to my rural door , to the extremely good price for all products , and the freebie that they send with each order , high product quality and choice , overweight orders . I have tried the camel hash which I found to be better than the Rolling Stones hash but will still stick with the Mercedes hash for price , taste and texture . Thanks ch you guys make my world a little bit easier to cope with

  127. Gameprogirl 2 years ago

    I have been with High Grade Kush Dispensary since summer of 2018. They seem to have their act together, hence why I’m still here. Their products are always very good. I love their packaging, shipping and freebies 🙂 Everytime I spoke with CW about trying a new strain or changes with my order, they have been top notch in customer service.

  128. Tgoppy 2 years ago

    I wish I found this site sooner. I no longer acquire any products from the streets nor do I goto the shops. Strictly High Grade Kush Dispensary! I get everything here, huge selection. My flowers, dabs and more. I have yet to be disappointed with any of my orders. I’m always on this site, if I only got paid for the amount of hours I’m on here shopping, my Girlfriend always thinks im “talking to other girls” but im straight up just browsing and writing reviews on how much im enjoying the site and products. I’d move to Vancouver just to work for High Grade Kush Dispensary!

  129. Est4life 2 years ago

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  130. Judysnightmare 2 years ago

    Have used another site for a couple of years but they don’t have much selection. Just received 1 oz of Purple Haze (overweight + bonus) berry/earth flavor and good high after 4 hits on the vape. Haven’t tried the surprise yet but you guys rock. Great selection and the local outlets need to have pictures of the products that you must buy blind or trust the associates knowledge. Your pics and reviews are real and will buy again.

  131. Jndreina 2 years ago

    I love your company it’s sweet to see a place with class I tried this site just to see and thought $100 for an oz of hash yeah right well I was wrong this is by far the best site I’ve ever seen or tried weed is perfect hash is awesome and they even have real customer service was using several other sites before this one but they started charging extra fees or give you so called discount codes that don’t work well buyers market fools and thank you cause if that never happened I wouldn’t have looked and found this diamond in the rough.

  132. Bridget 2 years ago

    I’ve ordered from you guys a few times now. I’m very pleased with the speed of delivery and the quality of the product. I’ve ordered quite a few different strains just to try and see what I like the most but so far everything has been really nice. I’ll continue ordering with you guys as I’m really happy with your service and the value is great. Keep up the good work.

  133. Terryhays23 2 years ago

    1st time buyer. great deal with 8 oz. excellent product and customer care

  134. Lisacherrey 2 years ago

    Querkle is one of the best strains I’ve tried so far from cannawholesalers, it’s purple buds are soo smooth and greatly tasting will recommend you keep in stock

  135. RedRum506 2 years ago

    One of the best sites to order from hands down, you’ll never have a problem with High Grade Kush Dispensary

  136. Zopep 2 years ago

    Every product I have ordered has been great . The prices are more than reasonable and the selection is insane ! The only downfall is that I may need a second job , just for this site ! Easy to order , quick to receive , overall 5 stars ! Thanks High Grade Kush Dispensary

  137. Maddog123 2 years ago

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  138. Cc_wool 2 years ago

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    I’m staying

  139. Ssamalama 2 years ago

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️ this site!! Shipping is CRAZY fast!! Fantastic stock all the time! Great job! I would never order from another place. I would and have recommended to everyone I know.

  140. Trudymacdonald56 2 years ago

    This company is awesome; all products are excellent; heavy handed on the weight and a free gram (it’s like Christmas when you open up the package). We will be buying from this company from now on; very, very satisfied. Thank you for your excellent service and incredible products; well done!!

  141. Thor 2 years ago

    This is the best site to order from hands down lots of variety great buds awesome prices

  142. Noyield8008 2 years ago

    I use your products for medical relief and just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate the wonderful products, service and people that contribute to making your company a success.
    I never thought I would see the day the marijuana movement would progress to this point but it has made it . With the help of successful companies and people like High Grade Kush Dispensary it has made it all possible. Thanks again guys and girls for the job well done!!.

    • Elijah 2 years ago

      Thank you for your support and kind words!

  143. Redtemptress 2 years ago

    I made my first online order with High Grade Kush Dispensary, and I will be back for more time and time again.. I was shocked at the speed of my order, and even more so with the product that arrived. I will definitely be adding Mercedes Hash to my regular stock up list from now on.

    I’d also like to mention I appreciated the sampler packet I got of OG Deadhead with my order c= I look forward to my next order with you guys/gals in the future.. P.S those beans in my boxed parcel are amazingly scented * Almost drooled opening my parcel lol*

  144. William.Berton96 2 years ago

    Iv’e try so many other site before using High Grade Kush Dispensary and now I would never change . I use marijuana as medicine and I can found what I need here . Thank you High Grade Kush Dispensary !!

  145. J-Luscombe 2 years ago

    This is a legit company. I use marijuana as medicine and appreciate companies who dont try to RIP off customers. Have ordered twice off canna and am very happy with their quality and price. Was ripped off for my last order so I was hesitant at first but haven’t had 1 issue. Thumbs up to canna, will be a loyal customer.

  146. Winchesterbrian1984 2 years ago

    There aren’t enough good words in the dictionary to describe these guys! Unbelievable service, and even more unbelievable product. They weigh heavy-handed and even included a surprise, free gram (also weighed heavy-handed. These guys are, by far, the most amazing company I’ve dealt with online! And, will now be my strictly sole provider of all things green! This company is clearly run by pot users, who understand what it means to be a pot user. Very VERY well done. And this is coming from a reviewer, whom rarely takes the time to review much in the online community. But this I dealt needed to be said!

  147. [email protected] 2 years ago

    Lemon sativa was great

  148. [email protected] 2 years ago

    Ordered 1 ouncs of power plant was a great strain one rally quick delivery
    But unfortunately with in my first quarter I got 2.5 grams of steans out of it.

  149. Jboudreau23 2 years ago

    Its the only site i deal with now its #1 for great hash buds and shatter and fast delivery! Takes 2-3 days and Im in montreal.

  150. Shaunjohn3 2 years ago

    The guys here at High Grade Kush Dispensary really care any problem you have or don’t know messaged them and within mins i got an answer back. I had a little problem and it was not at all there fault and they listened to me and even though i was wrong they gave me credit. but i found out it was my fault called them back and told them to take there credit back cause i was wrong and everything was fine. Long story short my scale was broken i dint know it didn’t wight the right amount so i use another not knowing it had dead battery even though it still worked the counts were off. So talking to them and thinking they shorted me they gave me the missing amount that my scale said which was 9grams. Then after i got a friend to come over with a new scale and all of it was RIGHT it was all over weight in fact so there was no way i was going to let them give me a credit cause i was the one that messed up but called him back and told him and he was shocked that i would have called back and told him to take his money back cause it was my fault sorry this is long it was a long day but they did right and even more and the product is some of the best if i could i would 10 STAR them thxs again canna and Derick for all the help..